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December 12, 2018
in Blog, Bus Accidents

Bus accidents cause serious pedestrian injuries

Pennsylvania is home to several large colleges and universities. Many of these campuses are nestled in big cities, such as Pittsburgh. These cities often have several forms of public transit, like buses, to help residents avoid the hassle of maintaining personal transportation and parking. Unfortunately, bus accidents continue to increase in frequency across the state. 

Recently, a female student from the University of Pittsburgh was crossing the street close to campus. The campus is quite large, and it is not uncommon for pedestrians to be crossing at any hour of the day. As she made her way across, she was struck by a Port Authority bus. 

She suffered severe injuries and was rushed to a local hospital for immediate treatment. The impact was so hard that the windshield on the bus was damaged, and the driver and a passenger suffered injury as well. No update has been provided as to the student’s condition, and law enforcement tells the public that the bus driver will be tested for drugs and alcohol that may have contributed to the crash. 

Bus accidents may not be as common in Pennsylvania as car accidents involving smaller vehicles, but the size and rider capacity of the vehicles involved leads to an increased likelihood of serious injury or death for victims. Medical bills, insurance matters, and inability to attend work or class due to injury can affect an innocent victim who is already suffering. An experienced attorney can be a good option for victims who wish to hold a careless bus driver legally responsible for their injuries in a court of law. 

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