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December 26, 2018
in Blog, Car Accidents

Car accident results in homicide charges

Pennsylvania residents have certainly put their lives in another’s hands at one point or another. Riding as a passenger in a vehicle driven by someone else requires a certain level of trust, and most people assume that the driver will do his or her best to ensure that everyone in the vehicle reaches the destination safe and sound. Unfortunately, some people make bad decisions, and the careless actions of a driver can easily result in a devastating car accident.

Recently, a Pennsylvania man killed two friends and seriously injured another when he chose to drive drunk. The man was driving at an estimated speed that was well over the posted speed limit. He lost control of the vehicle, which was carrying three male passengers. As the vehicle careened off the roadway, the passengers were ejected. 

Two died as a result of injuries suffered. The third passenger suffered broken bones, spinal injury and serious trauma. The driver was also injured, and in the course of medical treatment, it was discovered that his blood alcohol content was nowhere near the legal limit. The surviving passenger told police the driver had been drinking at the bar before getting behind the wheel. The driver now faces serious charges, including homicide, assault and reckless driving. 

When a driver behaves in a manner that causes a car accident resulting in injury or death to another party, victims and their families may be overcome by grief and anger. Innocent lives can be changed forever by the careless actions of a drunk driver. Victims or their surviving family members may want to contact an experienced attorney, who can compassionately help them through the legal process as they attempt to seek justice in a court of law. 

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