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August 26, 2018
in Blog, Bus Accidents

Being at fault for bus accidents can carry lengthy prison terms

A new school year is beginning across the state of Pennsylvania, and students aren’t the only ones who may have first-day jitters. Waiting for the school bus can be an anxious moment for parents as well. Though it is time to turn a new leaf and begin a new semester, parents may still have lingering fears about the potential for serious bus accidents

Many parents may remember a bus accident that left several children seriously injured. A man, who later claimed he was late for work, attempted to pass the bus full of Pennsylvania children with an illegal maneuver. The bus crashed, and the offending driver sped off, rather than stop to render aid to the helpless, frightened children, because his driver’s license was suspended and he feared legal consequences. Reports say the man was traveling 30 mph over the speed limit when he caused the crash. 

Many students suffered serious injuries, including one 6-year-old boy who was ejected and trapped under the overturned bus. Another child suffered a severe spinal injury. The driver responsible was caught and charged with over 60 crimes, and has been sentenced to a lengthy prison term. 

When bus accidents occur,  it may be a long time before students and their parents feel safe again. A traumatic experience and serious injuries can affect a family for years to come. When the accident is the fault of a negligent driver, parents may want to consider consulting a compassionate attorney. An attorney may be able to assist families with legal matters, and fight for justice and any damages to which a victim may be entitled in a court of law. 

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