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July 10, 2018
in Blog, Bus Accidents

Bus accidents a danger to drivers and pedestrians alike

Pennsylvania residents likely never consider that they may be seriously injured by a bus in their own home. Unfortunately, due to the large size of the vehicle involved, and the number of people that may be on board at any given time, bus accidents can have especially devastating results. Often occurring at a moment’s notice, it can be nearly impossible for people to get out of the way in time to avoid serious injury or death, and the passengers on a bus have no control over the situation. 

In July, a SEPTA bus ran a red light near Philadelphia. The bus crashed into two cars, and continued careening all over the road before striking a residence. Sadly, three people in a pool in the yard of the home were struck by the bus. One man was killed instantly, while a woman and child suffered serious injuries. Two other people that were also in the yard had to be hospitalized as a result of injuries as well. 

The accident is currently under investigation, but it has been revealed that the driver of the bus was at fault because the bus did not stop for the red light. The home was also seriously damaged. The insurance providers will have to determine if the building is even strong enough to repair. 

Bus accidents and the suffering and damage they cause can be frightening for all involved. The shock of watching a loved one die in one’s own front yard is understandably traumatic. Other victims that have suffered serious injuries may never fully recover. Victims and their families may benefit from seeking the aid of an experienced Pennsylvania attorney. An attorney may be able to assist them as they attempt to deal with matter like funeral expenses, medical bills, and legally seek any compensation or damages to which they may be entitled. 

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