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July 11, 2018
in Blog, Truck Accidents

Another truck accident on Route 160 raises alarm

Residents of Pennsylvania are certainly not unfamiliar with sharing the roads with large trucks. Several major highways run through the state and are part of the network of roads that keep our country running, shipping goods all over the United States. Unfortunately, some local roads are not equipped to handle the size and speed of modern trucks, and have become hot spots for a potential truck accident. 

In July, two people had to be flown to the hospital with serious injuries when a garbage truck lost control going down a hill on State Route 160. It flipped over, sliding into a tractor-trailer truck. The accident also caused a fuel spill that resulted in closure of the road, because the spill was hazardous to other drivers and the environment. This was not the first accident to occur on this road. 

Officials report that there have been 10 serious truck accidents in the past few years near this location, and one was so bad a church had to close it’s doors and relocate. Local Pennsylvania officials grew concerned, citing the presence of school bus stops along the route, and asked PennDOT to ban large trucks from the route to keep other drivers and pedestrians, especially children, safe. PennDOT currently has no intention of doing so, but say that in the coming years, safety features and upgrades will be done on the road, leaving the current risk a danger to all until the construction is completed in 2020. 

When people become the victims of a truck accident, the injuries suffered can be especially serious. Victims and their families may feel as if they do not know where to turn for help. It is typically helpful to contact an attorney that is familiar with the sort of injuries and damage that come from large truck accidents. An attorney can assist victims and their families as they attempt to deal with things like medical bills, emotional trauma and seeking any applicable compensation or damages from the party or parties deemed responsible. 

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