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November 6, 2019
in Blog, Bus Accidents

Bus accidents: have you considered the risks to your child?

Recently, the state of Pennsylvania has put together an initiative headed by the state police and the Department of Education to call attention to the importance of school bus safety. Thousands of children ride the bus to school, sporting events and field trips. Other drivers must pay close attention to the lights and stop signs, and if a driver does not follow the laws, the penalty can be hefty, but worse, children could be seriously injured or killed. With all the attention focused on other drivers, parents may not have considered the possibility that the bus drivers themselves might cause bus accidents

Pennsylvania recently saw some severe weather, and in some areas, roads became flooded or washed out. Parents were enraged when they spotted a school bus driving through dangerously high flood water. It became clear that, even if other drivers are concerned about the safety of the children on board a bus, the bus driver may show poor judgement and cause a crash. 

While this is a serious concern, it brings to light a broader concern. Many adults utilize a bus to get to and from work, travel with a group, attend church services or run errands like shopping. In every scenario, passengers are trusting the bus driver to safely arrive at the destination. Bus accidents can result in the injury or death of many people, and when such a crash occurs, victims may wonder what action can be taken. 

Victims injured in bus accidents may want to consult an experienced attorney. If the bus driver or another party is determined to be at fault for the crash, a victim may have cause to bring a legal case against the party at fault. It is not uncommon for a judge to order that a victim should be financially compensated for medical expenses, damage to personal property or loss of wages due to inability to work. A suffering victim will want to make sure that justice is served, and an attorney can help with each step of the legal process. 

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