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October 31, 2019
in Blog, Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents have high fatality rate

Many motorcycle enthusiasts have a difficult time explaining the feeling that they get when they hit the open road to a person that has never tried it. For many, a motorcycle ride is a favorite activity. A bit dangerous by nature, riding a motorcycle leaves bikers relatively exposed to the elements and other vehicles. Even if a motorcycle rider wears a helmet and other protective gear and does his or her best to drive in an alert and courteous fashion, motorcycle accidents understandably have a higher rate of fatality than accidents involving other kinds of passenger vehicles. 

Recently, a 50-year-old man was driving through a small town in Pennsylvania on his motorcycle. Suddenly, a young driver, along with a passenger, backed out of a driveway in a car. The motorcycle had the right of way, but the the 25-year-old woman driving the car failed to stop and backed right into the path of the motorcycle, causing a collision. 

The impact of the crash threw the man from his motorcycle, and both the man and the bike slid across the road. Rescuers rushed to the scene, but the victim was pronounced dead moments later. Police have launched an investigation, and will attempt to recreate the crash to establish the details of what caused the fatal accident. 

Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents that result in a fatality often result in wrongful death civil litigation through the civil judicial system. The victim’s surviving family may have grounds to pursue claims for financial relief against the party or parties deemed responsible for the accident. Any monetary damages recovered can be used to pay for medical bills, damage to property, burial costs and other documented financial losses. 

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