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February 6, 2019
in Blog, Bus Accidents

Bus accidents: Is your child safe?

Winter has taken Pennsylvania by storm, with the recent polar vortex pounding much of the state with freezing temperatures and inclement weather. When the forecast warns of snow and ice, school districts must decide if action in the form of a cancellation, delay or early release is appropriate. When the school day is already underway and bad weather strikes, students are at risk to become the victims of bus accidents.

Last week, a Pennsylvania high school student was riding the bus as usual when disaster struck. According to reports, road conditions became perilous due to weather. The driver of the school bus lost control and the bus full of students careened off the roadway and crashed into a wooded area.

Early reports indicated that a student on the bus suffered minor injuries. Unfortunately, news media outlets discovered that the boy’s injuries were actually quite serious. In an interview following his hospital treatment, the child was shown in a neck brace, with serious facial injuries.

When bus accidents have child victims, parents may quickly become overwhelmed. In addition to concern and support for their injured child, parents must deal with medical bills, insurance matters and the possibility of lasting physical and emotional damage to an injured child. In many cases, an experienced attorney can help a client family seek justice against the driver and/or other parties responsible for the injuries suffered by a child, and help pursue recovery of any monetary damages to which parents may be entitled on behalf of their injured child.

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