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February 7, 2019
in Blog, Motorcycle Accidents

Passengers killed in motorcycle accidents deserve justice

Pennsylvania boasts some of the most scenic highways and byways in the nation, and has a long-standing reputation as a state with a thriving community of motorcycle enthusiasts. Many bikers attest that going for a motorcycle ride on a nice day can’t be beat, and some choose to share the thrill by taking a passenger along for the ride. Unfortunately, passengers are at serious risk to become the victims of motorcycle accidents, particularly because their lives are in the hands of the driver. 

In 2016, a Pennsylvania woman was a passenger on a motorcycle, likely having a wonderful time and enjoying the ride. The driver lost control and crashed, sending the bike over a curb. The driver was injured, but the female passenger lost her life. 

The biker recently pleaded guilty to vehicular homicide. He was sentenced to a term of house arrest and probation. This may have done little to console the family of the innocent victim, who now must find a way to continue without the young woman.

When motorcycle accidents kill innocent people, the family of the victim may wish to seek justice in civil court on a deceased victim’s behalf. Medical bills, funeral expenses and other monetary damages can burden a family already overwhelmed by grief and loss. In most cases, representatives of a victim’s estate choose to allow an experienced attorney to represent their interests. An attorney can pursue a wrongful death claim against the driver believed responsible, seeking a monetary judgment for documented financial losses. 

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