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February 13, 2019
in Blog, Truck Accidents

Semi truck accident consequences can be life-altering

Being sandwiched between two big rigs on a Pennsylvania highway is a scary experience. A semi truck accident between a big rig and a passenger car often serves as a stark reminder of the vulnerability of drivers and passengers occupying smaller vehicles in these situations. Answers to the question of who is to blame vary, depending on who is asked.

Trucking companies are often accused of setting unreasonable targets, causing commercial truck drivers to be fatigued and distracted while hauling their cargo. However, truckers often report that passenger vehicle drivers are reckless in the way they navigate the roadways around semitrailers. The reality is that occupants of passenger vehicles are typically worse off in collisions involving big rigs, and it would be smart for drivers to heed safety tips provided by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration and other authorities.

Motorists must bear in mind that commercial truck drivers have limitations in visibility and braking, and unsafe following distances or cutting in too closely in front of tractor-trailers is looking for trouble. Noncommercial drivers must avoid driving in no-zones or blind spots of the truck operator, and always use indicators to inform truckers of intentions to change lanes or make a turn. It is also smart to avoid being sandwiched by semis and to merge into traffic lanes in a way that will not force a trucker to apply the brakes.

While caution might reduce the chances of being involved in a semi truck accident, it will not guarantee safety. Anyone in Pennsylvania who has to deal with the consequences of the negligence of a trucker might have grounds to pursue financial relief by filing a lawsuit against the driver, his or her employer and any other entities that might have played a role. Establishing negligence and determining potential defendants could be challenging, and might be best dealt with by an experienced personal injury attorney. A lawyer can provide skilled advocacy along with valuable support and guidance throughout legal proceedings to recover economic and noneconomic damages.

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