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July 10, 2019
in Blog, Bus Accidents

New technology aims to decrease danger during bus accidents

Summer vacation is in full swing, but “back to school” is right around the corner. Pennsylvania residents may have noticed that many stores already have the backpacks, crayons and other school supplies on display as parents prepare to send their children off to a new semester in just a month. It is estimated that about 26 million children use school buses each day, and bus accidents remain a major concern. 

One Pennsylvania company provided statistics showing that each year, there are almost 400 school bus fires in the United States. Parents may be shocked to find out that most buses are not equipped with safety features to suppress a fire in the event that a crash or malfunction occurs. Experts now want these buses to be fitted with fire suppression technology, especially since fires on a bus have caused fatalities to children in the past. 

The new technology is not just for new buses, and the company, Pennsylvania-based USSC Group, says that even older buses can be fitted with the life-saving technology. Representatives for the company note that the systems, which emit a mist to squelch a fire, are environmentally friendly and pose no risk to persons on board. Buses are considered to be a safe way to travel, but the fire suppression technology can make them even safer. 

Bus accidents have the potential to leave a large number of people injured, and most school buses can seat 72 students at a time. When a child is injured in a bus accident, parents may want to seek justice on behalf of a suffering child. A compassionate attorney can help to navigate the legal process necessary to pursue recovery of monetary damages by holding the party or parties responsible for the injuries fully accountable through the Pennsylvania civil justice system. 

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