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March 22, 2017
in Blog, Bus Accidents

Pennsylvania bus accidents often lead to serious injuries

For many people, traveling by mass transit takes the worry and stress out of daily commutes. Unfortunately, there are still the same dangers that exists for all other types of vehicles, including the possibility of riders being injured in bus accidents. Recently, several passengers were hurt when a bus and a pickup truck collided in Pennsylvania.

Police stated that the driver of the pickup truck was traveling down a local road around 9:30 in the evening. The truck was hauling a trailer with several pieces of machinery and had a total of four passengers. As the driver approached an intersection with a red signal light, he reportedly did not stop but continued through the crossroads where his vehicle collided with the commuter bus.

The transit bus was also carrying four passengers at the time of the wreck. All of the people involved in the accident were transported to local hospitals for treatment of what were described as moderate injuries except for one man. The 69-year-old man was airlifted to a medical facility that was equipped to treat his wounds. Pennsylvania officials did not release any further information concerning his current condition or the nature of his injuries.

The truck driver and his passengers were also taken for medical care. Police have not stated whether the driver who ran the light will face any charges. While none of the passengers reportedly suffered any critical injuries, they may nevertheless face an extend recovery time as well as mounting medical bills and other monetary damages. Victims of bus accidents or other motor vehicle wrecks may choose to seek the advice of a personal injury professional who can help gather enough information and evidence to support the filing of a civil suit. A favorable ruling in such a case may help ease the burden of financial pressures caused by these wrecks.

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