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March 16, 2017
in Blog, Motorcycle Accidents

Pennsylvania motorcycle accidents often serious

While there are some crashes that are completely unpredictable and thereby nearly unavoidable, there are others that might be prevented in certain situations. Unfortunately, motorcycle accidents often end with riders and passengers suffering serious or even fatal injuries. One such collision in Pennsylvania took the life of a passenger who was on the back of one of these bikes.

Police charged a 30-year-old driver who they stated caused the fatal collision. The accident occurred last summer, but the charges were only recently filed. The charged man was driving a large sedan in the southern lane of a local road when his car collided with a motorcycle operated by a 63-year-old man headed north. The collision resulted in the 62-year-old female passenger suffering injuries that proved to be fatal in spite of the efforts of local surgeons.

The driver of the motorcycle also suffered injuries in the collision. Pennsylvania police filed several charges against the driver of the car, including several traffic violations and possible impairment as drug testing revealed evidence of a medication for which the man had no valid prescription. However, the driver is facing only summary and misdemeanor counts for this deadly accident.

The summons was purportedly mailed to the driver, and no court date has been set as of yet. Even though the driver is not purportedly facing serious charges, the surviving victim and the family of the deceased woman may choose to file personal injury and wrongful death civil suits against him. Successful litigation in these types of serious and sometimes deadly motorcycle accidents can at least ensure that medical expenses and associated costs are contained without the worry that heavy debt will accumulate while the victims work to recover both physically and emotionally in the days and weeks ahead.

Source:, “Edinboro man charged in Millcreek crash“, Tim Hahn, March 7, 2017

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