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October 17, 2018
in Blog, Bus Accidents

Reports of bus accidents continue to rise

Pennsylvania residents may be among the growing number of Americans that have taken a charter bus in recent years. Buses are an efficient way for a large group of people to travel together, and a bus ride to a destination can be a fun way to relax and chat with friends on a road trip. Unfortunately, reports of deadly bus accidents continue to make headlines across the country. 

Recently, a charter bus left the roadway, under circumstances currently unknown. Several people on board were seriously injured, and one needed to be transported by helicopter to a nearby hospital. Another victim, a recent graduate of Cornell University, was killed. Friends and family say the deceased victim had recently acquired a new job in New York City, the planned destination of the charter bus. 

The horrible accident is under investigation. Authorities have not yet disclosed if they were able to interview the driver of the bus. As the story unfolds, it will be determined if any of the driver’s actions caused the crash, or if criminal charges will be filed. 

Bus accidents can be particularly devastating because the large vehicles are often have many passengers. Passengers are essentially helpless in the event of a crash. When someone in Pennsylvania suffers serious injury or death, victims or their families may want the party or parties believed responsible to be held legally accountable. An experienced attorney may be able to assist victims and their families as they attempt to tackle medical bills, funeral expenses, court proceedings and other difficult situations that typically result in the aftermath of a serious crash. 

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