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October 24, 2018
in Blog, Bus Accidents

Latest in a string of bus accidents kills 1, injures dozens

A Pennsylvania road became the scene of yet another bus crash on Oct.19, 2018. Bus accidents have plagued the state’s roads over the last few months, and the number of injuries continues to rise. Bus accidents can be particularly devastating because so many people are riding in one vehicle, placing their lives in the hands of the bus operator and other drivers on the road. 

This particular accident occurred when a tour bus collided with a pickup truck. The initial cause of the crash is still under investigation. The driver of the pickup was killed as a result, and over 30 passengers on the bus suffered injury. The bus itself wound up off the roadway, severely damaged.

The bus was carrying people from several foreign countries and was bound for Lancaster. Lancaster is the heart of Pennsylvania’s Amish community, and draws thousands of tourists each year. Immediately following the crash, police had to establish a detour to divert traffic as the road was closed to clean the widespread debris and gather evidence pertaining to the crash. 

Sadly, serious bus accidents often cause large scale death and injury. Victims and their families may feel overwhelmed in the aftermath. Contacting an experienced attorney can be a good way for victims, including the surviving families of deceased victims, to learn what options may be available to hold the responsible party accountable for medical bills, property damage, funeral expenses and other crash-related losses. Victims need not suffer alone, and often an attorney can help them pursue recovery of monetary damages incurred.

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