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October 17, 2018
in Blog, Car Accidents

Deadly car accident one of worst in state’s history

When a portion of a Pennsylvania highway is under construction, drivers should be aware traffic patterns could be temporarily altered. Often, there are workers standing close to the lane of travel, or a portion of the road may be closed to traffic. Work zones add an increased risk of a fatal car accident  occurring, but sometimes a careless driver is actually to blame.

Recently, a Pennsylvania highway looked like a scene from a movie after a horrific accident left at least 11 vehicles destroyed, some on fire. Local emergency responders were overwhelmed by the devastation, calling it one of the worst accidents in state history. Over a dozen people were serious injured, and at least three victims were killed. 

The accident happened near a portion of the road that was under construction, but state officials want the public to be aware that it was actually a careless driver that caused the wreck. According to reports, the driver at fault was under the influence and traveling too fast. Traffic had slowed due to the road work, but the impaired driver was unable to avoid a collision in his altered state. 

When a car accident causes victims to suffer serious injury or death, the days and weeks following the trauma may seem overwhelming. Victims, including the surviving families of deceased victims, may feel as if they cannot deal with medical bills, court cases, insurance matters and police investigations in a time of such grief. An experienced attorney may be able to represent suffering victims in a court of law, and assist them as they attempt to seek justice against the party or parties deemed to have been at fault. 

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