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October 31, 2018
in Blog, Car Accidents

Mysterious car accident kills 2 students

Pennsylvania police are baffled by the actions of an elderly woman that claimed two young lives. The woman was driving a sedan on Route 722 and seemed to be going very slowly. Concerned drivers called 911 to report the erratic behavior, but the situation escalated quickly, resulting in a serious car accident. 

Police responded to the 911 calls, but for some reason, she accelerated when police signaled for the woman to pull over. She began to weave in and out of traffic in a dangerous fashion. Because of safety concerns, police were told to stop the pursuit. 

The Pennsylvania  woman wound up crashing into several cars. Early reports indicate that two died and three more were seriously injured, and most of the victims were high school students. The incident, which remains under investigation, did not end until the woman struck a school bus full of children and her vehicle became disabled. Initial reports state that the 63-year-old woman crashed into a total of seven other vehicles. The events remain under investigation. 

When a car accident causes serious injury or death to innocent people, victims and/or their families may have grounds for legal recourse. An experienced attorney will understand that in a time of such grief, it can be difficult to manage medical bills, funeral expenses, police investigations and other situations that arise in the aftermath of a deadly crash. A lawyer may be able to help victims and/or their families hold negligent parties responsible for their actions through the civil justice system. 

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