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May 25, 2017
in Blog, Bus Accidents

School bus accidents can result in serious injuries to children

School buses are designed to transport several dozen students in a relatively unsecured fashion. As a result, when these vehicles are involved in serious bus accidents, children could suffer serious injuries. One recent wreck in Pennsylvania resulted in several people requiring medical care, with one child suffering critical injuries.

According to accounts, several vehicles were caught up in the horrific crash. It was purportedly caused when a sedan ran into the back of a vehicle serving as an escort for a tractor trailer. This initial collision sent that vehicle into another lane of traffic, and in the process, it impacted with the side of the school bus. That contact caused the bus to roll onto its right side.

According to Pennsylvania officials, 14 students, the motorist and the bus driver were all injured in the collisions. All but the two most seriously injured patients were treated and later released as their conditions allowed. A 16 year-old victim was scheduled to be released from the hospital soon. The youngest, a 6-year-old child, suffered life-threatening injuries and was still receiving care at a second facility.

The driver who allegedly set-off the chain reaction crash fled the scene and is being sought for questioning. Bus accidents are understandably a parent’s nightmare, as the events are completely out of one’s control. The families are left to try to help their child’s physical and emotional healing after these traumatic events. Along with these challenges, there are also the monetary costs that come with medical treatment and rehabilitation if a victim suffers serious injuries. A personal injury attorney may be able to help the parents or guardians seek compensation from the parties deemed responsible for the monetary damages that are sustained in these terrifying wrecks.

Source: ABC News, “6-year-old boy ‘struggling for his life’ after school bus crash; police searching for driver“, Emily Shapiro and Will Gretsky, May 18, 2017

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