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May 30, 2017
in Blog, Car Accidents

Multiple vehicle car accident kills 2 on Pennsylvania interstate

Traveling the highways with all manner of vehicles can be a challenging proposition, especially with the growing numbers of tractor-trailers on the highways. In spite of this, the majority of motorists likely do not seriously consider the possibility of becoming a victim of a serious car accident. Sadly, one recent wreck in Pennsylvania on Interstate 81 took the lives of two people.

According to the initial accident report, the crash was triggered by a tractor-trailer driver who apparently failed to adjust his speed in order to avoid a rear-end collision. The big rig struck a pickup truck from behind as it approached a traffic slowdown. The pickup was shoved into the rear of another pickup truck just ahead of it. That pickup then collided with a tractor-trailer in front of it.

The first two vehicles caught on fire. According to the officials, the flames quickly consumed both vehicles. The two victims who were in the first pickup died at the scene. Pennsylvania officials closed I-81 for an extended time as they conducted their on-site investigation.

It was not reported whether anyone else suffered injuries in this horrific chain-reaction crash. Authorities have not stated whether the driver of the first tractor-trailer will face any criminal charges as a result of this fatal car accident. The surviving family of the victims may elect to pursue a civil suit against the party or parties deemed responsible for their tragic losses. Furthermore, if anyone else suffered serious injuries in the accident, they, too, may consider filing a personal injury lawsuit in civil court. When these efforts are successful, the victims may be awarded financial compensation that can help them recover the monetary damages sustained due to what certainly appears to have been an avoidable crash.

Source:, “Two people dead after four car crash on I-81“, May 24, 2017

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