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May 17, 2019
in Blog, Car Accidents

$1 million bail for man that caused car accident

When Pennsylvania families are out and about, older family members often insist that small children remain close by, especially when walking near traffic. It can be difficult for drivers to see small children. Unfortunately, one family lost a child despite taking such precaution, in a horrific car accident last spring. 

A male driver that had admittedly spent the day drinking at various bars made the terrible decision to get behind the wheel. While in reverse, he ran over a little girl. In his inhibited state, he managed to send a text message to a friend saying that he had just struck a child and was unsure if she was going to survive. 

Sadly, the child suffered injuries so severe that she did not survive. Her surviving family members, many of whom were at the scene, were devastated. Blood test results later showed that the driver was over the legal limit and should never have been driving. He is currently being held on a $1 million bail as he awaits his day in court. 

When a Pennsylvania car accident claims the life of an innocent child, parents likely feel completely overwhelmed. Grief and shock can make things like medical bills, burial costs and insurance matters seem trivial. Unfortunately, these expenses may fall upon a victim’s parents if proper legal action is not taken. Many families choose to allow a compassionate attorney to lead the charge in a court of law, holding the careless driver financially responsible for his or her actions, and making sure justice is served. 

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