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May 18, 2019
in Blog, Suv Accidents

Cheers to tears: teens die in SUV accident

When teens are learning to drive, many parents consider an SUV to be a safe option for a young driver. Many of these larger vehicles are equipped with extra safety features. Still, in the event of an SUV accident, there is potential for passengers to suffer serious injury and even loss of life. A recent Pennsylvania crash underscores this risk. 

Three recent graduates of a Pennsylvania high school were traveling together in an SUV. Somehow, the driver of the SUV crashed into the side of a school bus. The bus was not carrying students at the time, but the teens in the SUV were in serious trouble. 

Two of the teens suffered serious injury, and the other was killed. The exact cause of the accident is still unknown, and investigators are working hard to discover the details of the crash. The young teens hardly had a moment to enjoy the beginning of adulthood before the tragedy struck. 

When an SUV accident in Pennsylvania causes serious injury or death, victims and/or their families may be at a loss for how to proceed. Dealing with legal matters can seem like an overwhelming task when a family must already face medical bills, burial costs, lasting physical injury and emotional trauma. An experienced attorney can explain what legal recourse may be available. In many cases, victims may be entitled collect monetary damages that help to cover the financial strain caused by these types of accidents. This helps parents focus on an injured child, and not financial stress. 

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