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May 22, 2019
in Blog, Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents: Vroom vroom meets courtroom

As spring nears its final weeks, summer is already teasing Pennsylvania with a taste of hot temperatures and plenty of sun. Some residents have gardens well underway; others have gone fishing or kayaking, and children are certainly awaiting the official end of the school year. Motorcycle enthusiasts might be planning to attend various events planned across the state in the coming weeks, and even though taking the bike out for a spin can be a fun and rewarding ride, there is always potential for motorcycle accidents

Recently, a Pennsylvania man was on his motorcycle when he approached an intersection. Another driver came from the other direction at the same time. The other driver, in a much larger vehicle, was supposed to yield but failed to do so. 

The errant driver crashed into the motorcycle. The driver of the motorcycle, a 46-year-old man, suffered serious injuries. He had to be transported to a nearby hospital for immediate medical treatment. The other driver, a much older man, was not injured at all.  So far, he has been ticketed for failing to yield. 

Motorcycle accidents can leave victims frustrated and overwhelmed. When a crash is the result of another driver’s careless or dangerous behavior, victims might want to seek justice in a court of law. Medical bills, damages to a motorcycle, and lasting pain and suffering are just a few of the situations that injured victims may have to contend with. An experienced attorney can jump in and help a victim use the legal process to recoup any financial losses that were caused by another driver’s actions. Such assistance can help a victim move on and better prepare him or her for the road ahead. 

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