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May 29, 2019
in Blog, Car Accidents

Medical episode causes serious car accident

Pennsylvania drivers with health problems cannot just leave medical issues at home. For a person with a chronic or ongoing malady, such as diabetes, symptoms can present themselves at inconvenient or dangerous times. This is precisely what seems to have caused a recent car accident

The ordeal began, according to witnesses, when a driver began to maneuver erratically, weaving all over the road. Several vehicles managed to avoid collision, but the car hit a large truck. The force of the crash crumpled the smaller car, and debris wound up flying into nearby yards. 

After the crash, witnesses say the driver of the car was trying to run but could only manage to crawl. The driver seemed disoriented, which can happen after a bad accident, but there was more to the story. It came to light that the driver was having a diabetic episode that needed immediate attention. The debris from the crash caused several subsequent collisions, and law enforcement had to close the road until the wreckage could be cleared and injuries could be treated. 

When a person suffers serious injury in a Pennsylvania car accident, he or she may want to take legal action. A victim may get stuck paying for medical bills, damage to property, and other expenses that are the result of another driver’s actions. In many cases, an experienced attorney can help a victim seek legal recourse and collect any monetary damages he or she may be owed. These damages can help cover the aforementioned costs so a victim need not suffer financially and can focus on healing. 

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