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September 11, 2013
in Blog, Car Accidents

6 dead after car accident in Pennsylvania

Six people, including two children, have tragically been killed following a devastating crash in McKean county on Aug. 30. The cause of the car accident is still under investigation by Pennsylvania police. A plan has been put in place at the school the children attended to help their classmates come to terms with the loss.

The specifics of the accident are still under investigation and reports are incomplete at best, but Pennsylvania police report a vehicle carrying at least two people crossed the center line for unknown reasons. The vehicle struck a second traveling the opposite direction. The other vehicle was carrying at least four people, two of whom were the children in question. All six of the note individuals were killed in the accident. It is unknown whether anyone else survived the crash.

Police have not yet speculated on the cause of the accident, although alcohol, speed and inclement weather have not yet been ruled out. Local community groups have banded together to provide support for adults and children requiring grief counseling following this tragic accident. No charges have been filed in connection with this case as of this writing.

This tragic car accident is made all the more devastating by the loss of two young lives. Should the Pennsylvania police investigation reveal the accident was the fault of the driver of the first vehicle which crossed the center line, the next-of-kin of all deceased victims will be able to file wrongful death law suits against either the driver or the driver’s estate, depending on whether or not that driver survived. Such a suit would be handled in a civil court setting.

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Source: CNN, Pennsylvania car crash kills six, No author, Sept. 2, 2013

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