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January 17, 2020
in Blog, Car Accidents

Can a “bright” idea prevent an auto accident?

Automotive technology has progressed over time, making today’s cars far safer than their earlier predecessors. Each year, manufacturers have added and tweaked most standard vehicle features to decrease the likelihood of serious injury or death in the event of an auto accident. The state of Pennsylvania has even become a place where self-driving cars are tested. Recently, one company launched a new product to improve a vehicle feature that has remained relatively unchanged since it’s inception. 

Drivers have likely all experienced the moment when the sun inconveniently glares across the windshield. When this happens, drivers have to choose between rummaging through the car for sunglasses or flipping the sun visor down. Many drivers do not like to use the sun visor because it can also block a driver’s view of the road ahead. Obstructed vision can easily lead to an auto accident. 

The new visors, manufactured by Bosch, feature ground-breaking technology that can solve this problem. The visors feature sensors that can detect an individual driver’s facial features and tint the area corresponding with the driver’s eyes, much like transitional eyeglass lenses. The visors are see through, so a driver still has a full and unobstructed view of the roadway. This new technology may come standard in most vehicles one day in the future. 

When a person becomes involved in an auto accident in Pennsylvania, he or she may be frazzled as recovering from injuries is compounded by the stress of trying to figure out how to handle accident-related expenses. Medical bills, physical rehabilitation or even modifications to the home to accommodate permanent physical injuries due to an accident can be costly. In many cases, a compassionate local attorney can help a victim collect monetary damages from the party at fault in a court of law. 

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