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January 15, 2020
in Blog, Motorcycle Accidents

New technology looks to prevent motorcycle accidents

Pennsylvania may still be in the throes of winter, but many people are already looking forward to spring. While there are no laws that prevent drivers from riding a motorcycle through the winter months, many enthusiasts choose another mode of transportation to avoid exposing themselves and their motorcycles to inclement weather, freezing temperatures, and the salt and ciders often used to prepare the road surface for snow and ice. The tech industry is also looking forward to “motorcycle season,” and one company is touting cool new gear that could help prevent motorcycle accidents. 

A French startup company is introducing a new helmet that is both fashionable and practical. In addition to LED lights that can change colors in response to driver maneuvers like stopping or turning, the helmet is also equipped with hands free mechanisms like Siri to prevent distracted driving. These new helmets will cost about the same as traditional models manufactured by competitors. 

New technology could inspire riders to wear a helmet even in states that have relaxed helmet laws. In Pennsylvania, helmet laws state that a motorcycle rider need not wear a helmet if he or she is 21 or older and has either completed a safety course or has two years of riding experience. Many riders currently opt to forgo a helmet and are not breaking any laws by doing so.  

When people become the victims of motorcycle accidents in Pennsylvania, they may want to take legal action against the party that caused the crash. Even if police determine another party was at fault, there is no guarantee the offending driver will be charged with a crime. In order to recoup expenses like medical bills, lost wages or damage to personal property like a motorcycle, many victims decide to file suit in civil court. During these proceedings, it can help to have an experienced attorney on a victim’s side. 

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