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January 10, 2020
in Blog, Truck Accidents

Family of truck accident victim must seek own justice

One might assume that if police identify the person responsible for a fatal crash, criminal charges will be filed against that individual. This is not always the case, even if the evidence is fairly straightforward. A local hero was killed in a recent Pennsylvania truck accident, but his family may have to seek justice on their own. 

The man was a paramedic supervisor that worked each day to save the lives of those in his community. On Jan. 5, 2020 he responded with other rescue workers to the scene of a crash on I-70. As the paramedics helped an accident victim into the ambulance to render medical attention, the unthinkable happened. 

A semitrailer smashed into the ambulance, killing the paramedic supervisor. He lost his own life while attempting to save another person. Police identified the truck driver that ran into the stopped ambulance, but say criminal charges are not expected. Even if law enforcement officials determine who is at fault for a fatal crash, they do not always feel it appropriate to charge the driver responsible for a death with a crime.  

When a Pennsylvania truck accident claims an innocent life, the family of the victim often wants justice. One way to hold the party that caused the death accountable is to file a lawsuit in civil court. An experienced attorney can help clients bring a case against a truck driver and/or the driver’s employer, in pursuit of a monetary judgment to cover related medical bills, final expenses and other documented financial losses. 

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