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September 12, 2019
in Blog, Car Accidents

Crime and a car accident: Where the robber meets the road

Fans of action movies or television series that feature a police chase or vehicle pursuit may think it all looks rather exciting, as drivers weave in and out of traffic, dodging vehicles, explosions and other obstacles to catch the bad guy and save the day. While certainly, these scenes make for exciting television, in real life, a fleeing suspect can mean innocent people and local heroes could suffer injuries in a car accident. A recent incident in Pennsylvania underscores the danger a real car chase involves. 

Reportedly, Pennsylvania police spotted a vehicle they suspected was driven by a man that had just committed a robbery at a nearby residence. Police initiated a pursuit when the driver refused to yield. Since other drivers and pedestrians were at risk, some officers tried to get ahead of the suspect while others chased from behind, in an attempt to box the vehicle in and capture the man. 

The suspect still refused to believe the gig was up, and smashed into a patrol car that blocked his path. The impact caused the man’s vehicle to careen onto the sidewalk and strike a pedestrian. The pedestrian and two state troopers were seriously injured. The patrol car was upside-down, and the officers had to be extricated from the vehicle after which the victims were airlifted to a hospital. The suspected burglar now also faces criminal charges for causing the damage and injuries during the chase. 

In cases where a car accident was clearly the fault of a negligent driver, victims may feel the need to take legal action to recoup losses like medical bills, damage to personal property, loss of wages due to inability to work and other financial losses that may follow a crash. Under these circumstances, navigating the legal process might sound a bit overwhelming. Pennsylvania victims can consult an attorney who will take up the fight for them by pursuing civil claims against all parties that are believed to have financial responsibility for the accident. 

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