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March 22, 2017
in Blog, Car Accidents

Dangerous ice can cause a serious car accident and injuries

After the recent snowstorm, dangerous road conditions became an obstacle for travelers. However, there is another danger that can cause a serious car accident and subsequent injuries or fatalities. Pennsylvania officials have reminded motorists of laws regarding an often overlooked hazard.

One driver and two passengers were victims of a dangerous condition that can follow after any significant snow or ice event. The travelers were driving along an interstate when a sizable hunk of ice flew off of the tractor trailer that was traveling in the passing lane just ahead of their smaller sports car. The impact led to a severely damaged windshield and the occupants suffering various cuts to their upper bodies along with facial injuries.

Another motorist who witnessed the incident was able to avoid a serious collision herself after another ice chunk hit her automobile. Pennsylvania state police reiterated that there are laws in the state that stipulate all windows are to be clear of any snow, ice or other materials that can obstruct the driver’s vision or create other hazards. Moreover, if a serious or fatal accident can be attributed to a driver’s neglect in removing snow or ice, that driver may face monetary sanctions from the state of $1,000.

While the people in this car accident escaped without serious injury, the potential for a far worse accident should never be discounted, especially in hazardous weather or winter driving conditions. Snow and ice accumulations on a vehicle, regardless of size, creates a potentially life-threatening and property damage nightmare for the unlucky motorist that may be following behind these vehicles. Anyone who has suffered a serious injury or lost a loved one through the possibly negligent actions of another driver may seek to file a personal injury civil suit against the party deemed responsible for their wounds and resulting economic losses.

Source: CBS News, “This is why you should never drive with snow or ice on your car“, Jennifer Earl, March 17, 2017

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