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October 27, 2015
in Blog, Car Accidents

Man facing charges after Pennsylvania car accident

At least one person was injured in a crash that saw the driver flee the scene, according to local police sources. The 23-year-old driver has since been arrested by Pennsylvania authorities and will be facing several charges pertaining to the car accident. If he is found guilty of these charges, it may spell the end of his driving career altogether.

According to the accident report, the man was driving his pickup truck southbound when he apparently crashed into a bridge at the overpass of the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The man then apparently fled the scene on foot, leaving three passengers behind in the vehicle. None of those individuals have been identified publicly at this time. 

One of the three passengers was taken to a local hospital for treatment for injuries of an unspecified severity. The condition of the other two passengers is unknown at this time. The driver faces charges including driving with a suspended license, accidents involving injury or death and several other traffic-related charges. So far, no court date has been set. 

Depending on the severity of the injuries suffered by the passengers in the man’s vehicle at the time of the car accident, it is possible one or more of them will wish to file personal lawsuits against him. These personal injury suits are civil in nature under Pennsylvania law and would thus be presided over by a civil court. Evidence that the man was reckless or negligent in his operation of the vehicle, and that said behavior contributed directly to the crash, is important for such a case to succeed.

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Source:, “Denver man charged for fleeing scene of crash”, Luis Cruz, Oct. 22, 2015

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