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April 11, 2014
in Blog, Car Accidents

Pennsylvania bus involved in car accident

Downtown Philadelphia was the site of pandemonium on the evening of April 4 when a city bus collided with another vehicle. Pennsylvania authorities are still investigating the car accident that sent 12 people to a local hospital. So far, no charges have been filed in connection with the crash, and police have offered no insight into why the crash might have happened.

Details are incomplete as of this writing, but it has been confirmed that sometime around 5 p.m., a northbound bus was broadsided by a westbound car while heading up 11th Street. The bus lurched off-course and struck three parked cars before coming to rest. It is unclear whether any of the parked cars had passengers inside at the time of the accident.

Twelve people were injured in the crash, though it is not certain whether any of them were the drivers of either the bus or the car. The conditions of those injured is also not known. Police have not speculated whether either driver will be cited for criminal activity, and based on the current information, no one has been arrested.

There is not enough information available regarding this car accident to make an accurate evaluation of the scenario or how it played out. It is possible the driver of the bus made an error in his or her driving, and it is equally possible the driver of the car will be considered at fault. Indeed, Pennsylvania police may determine that both drivers share some degree of culpability. Regardless, injured parties may be entitled to pursue personal injury suits against the driver or drivers deemed to have negligently contributed to or caused the crash. These suits are not reliant upon criminal charges being prosecuted.

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