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May 27, 2014
in Blog, Car Accidents

Pennsylvania car accident claims life in Blount County

A man who was riding his motorcycle on an infamous stretch of highway colloquially called “the Dragon” has tragically lost his life, according to local police. The Pennsylvania Highway Patrol has not yet filed any formal charges in the case of this car accident, but an investigation is ongoing. So far, one fatality has been reported.

The accident report suggests the man, a 56-year-old state resident, was riding a stretch of Highway 129 on the afternoon of May 19 when the collision occurred. Apparently, the man came around a curve and struck a car head-on, though it is not clear whether this was the fault of the motorcyclist or the car driver. The man and his motorcycle were launched into the air, landing some 15 feet away, where bystanders performed CPR ahead of the arrival of emergency services.

The man was pronounced dead at the scene of the accident. The driver of the car suffered no injury. Police have not yet filed charges against the driver of the car, pending additional investigation into the matter. It seems likely police will interview eyewitnesses from the scene of the crime to determine whether any criminal behavior took place. Toxicology scans have also been ordered.

Pennsylvania traffic laws require that drivers be vigilant while out on the road. This is particularly true of areas of road known for being difficult to navigate, and in scenarios in which smaller vehicles like motorcycles are sharing the roadway. If the police investigation determines the driver of the car was responsible for the car accident that caused the death of the other man, criminal charges may ensue. Moreover, the surviving family of the deceased biker could elect to proceed against the car driver with a wrongful death civil lawsuit in that scenario.

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Source:, “Pennsylvania motorcycle rider killed on ‘The Dragon’“, , May 20, 2014

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