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December 16, 2013
in Blog, Car Accidents

Pennsylvania car accident injures 5 people

A crash on Route 309 has sent five people to a local hospital, according to news sources in the area. Pennsylvania police are in the process of investigating the car accident that reportedly involved two vehicles. So far, no formal charges have been filed in association with the case.

Police reports indicate the crash involved a minivan and a car, both traveling in the vicinity of Hatfield Township. Apparently the two vehicles collided in an intersection, with the van reportedly T-boning the car into a utility pole. It is unclear which injured parties were in which vehicles, but one of the two drivers was uninjured in the crash.

The other driver, along with three of the four injured passengers, was taken to a local hospital. The fourth passenger was airlifted to a separate facility. None of those involved have so far been identified by police, and the extent of their injuries have also not been reported upon publicly. Police have not commented on whether alcohol and/or reckless driving were suspected factors in this crash, but their investigation is ongoing at the time of this writing.

Far too little is known about this car accident to determine whether one or both drivers in this scenario may be held accountable for the crash. As the investigation progresses, it is hoped more information will bring light to these pressing questions. If the actions of one or both drivers lead Pennsylvania police to believe they are responsible for the accident, they may face criminal charges. Additionally, any injured parties will be entitled to file suits against the driver or drivers deemed negligent and, therefore, financially responsible for damages sustained as a result of the crash.

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Source:, Five Injured in Route 309 Accident Friday, Tony Di Domizio, Dec. 14, 2013

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