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November 12, 2013
in Blog, Car Accidents

Pennsylvania car accident kills 2 high school footballers

Three people are dead, including two high school football players, following a tragic accident in Sharon City on Nov. 8, according to local law enforcement. The car accident occurred around 10 p.m. with first responders arriving on the scene. Pennsylvania police have reason to believe speed may have played a role in this accident, though they do not believe alcohol, drugs or texting were involved. The crash remains under investigation.

Police reports indicate the driver of the car, an 18-year-old high school senior, was transporting three teammates to a football game when his vehicle crossed the median. The car struck a pickup truck head on. The resulting collision killed the driver, a 17-year old passenger in the car, and the pickup truck’s 50-year-old driver.

The other two passengers in the car were hospitalized and required surgery. One of the young passengers in the pickup truck was treated on the scene and released, while the other was taken to hospital for additional treatment. Police have not responded to inquiries about this case so far.

This tragic car accident may turn out to have been avoidable, if the young driver of the car is found to have been speeding at the time of the crash. Pennsylvania traffic laws require all drivers to exercise restraint and caution while operating motor vehicles, and if the young man is found to have been exceeding safe limits, the onus for the accident may be placed on him posthumously. The next-of-kin of the deceased victims may also be entitled to file wrongful death suits against the driver’s estate in a civil court setting.

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