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March 1, 2018
in Blog, Car Accidents

Pennsylvania teen seriously injured in auto accident

Obtaining one’s license is often a rite of passage into adulthood for many young American teens. Many new drivers will often underestimate their skills and the attention that must be devoted to operating a vehicle, especially when the roadways are busy and teeming with traffic. This lack of experience and the belief that one is invincible can lead to an auto accident, sometimes with deadly consequences. One Pennsylvania teen learned this lesson the hard way.

Around 4 p.m. on a recent Monday, rescue workers responded to a call of an accident near a busy intersection. Initial reports claim that a teen was driving an SUV and crossed left of center. The SUV then hit an oncoming car head-on.

The 53-year-old woman who was driving the car was pronounced dead shortly after the accident. The 17-year-old driver of the SUV suffered serious injuries. At this time, authorities are unsure why the teen crossed the dividing line. Police are continuing to investigate the incident.

An auto accident that results from the inexperience or negligence of a new driver can often leave families devastated from the unexpected injury or loss of a loved one the crash caused. A Pennsylvania family who has suffered from an injury or lost a loved one at the hands of a negligent driver may seek legal recourse in civil court, and a personal injury attorney can help the victims file a personal injury or wrongful death claim, seeking damages. Compensation awarded from a successful claim could help cover medical expenses or final costs.

Source:, “Deadly Crash on Route 115 near Brodheadsville“, Bill Michlowski, Feb. 19, 2018

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