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February 22, 2019
in Blog, Car Accidents

Repeat offender causes serious car accident

Being convicted of a DUI can result in serious penalties, such as jail time, fines and suspension of one’s drivers license. Apparently, some offenders just never learn. Drivers that put other motorists at risk by continuing to drive under the influence are a serious threat to law-abiding citizens, unknowingly at risk to be hurt in a car accident while traveling Pennsylvania roads. 

Recently, one driver caused a car accident that injured a married couple from Pennsylvania. The man had previously been convicted of five DUIs and was driving on a suspended license. He caused a car accident while he was yet again under the influence. Investigators say he swerved across the center line, hitting the couple’s vehicle head on. The female passenger was killed, while her husband suffered serious injuries. 

According to reports, the driver at fault at first tried to claim that he was not the driver, but rather, a passenger. Police later suspected that was untrue. The driver also claimed that he had attended his mother’s funeral earlier that day. Reportedly, he also confessed that he was on the way to buy illegal narcotics. 

Understandably, a serious car accident can result in injury or death. When an accident is caused by someone who shouldn’t have been driving to begin with, survivors or families of deceased victims may want justice. In many cases, an experienced attorney can help victims and/or their families seek justice in a court of law. Victims or representatives of their estate may be entitled to monetary damages, which can help cover hospital bills, funeral expenses and other documented financial losses. 

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