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February 21, 2019
in Blog, Truck Accidents

Semi truck accident injures family on Pennsylvania Turpike

Many Pennsylvania drivers get nervous when they must travel on a highway. The high speeds and heavy traffic can result in crashes. A truck accident can be particularly devastating due to the size of the truck. 

Recently, a family of five was traveling on the Pennsylvania Turnpike. Unfortunately for the unsuspecting family, a wheel flew off of a tractor-trailer and came crashing through the windshield of the family’s vehicle. The mother and at least one of the children were seriously injured, and the entire family was terrified. 

Investigators now say that the driver of the truck did not pull off the road and try to render aid or contact authorities, which is required by law in the event of a crash. Police are now trying to determine the identity of the driver. They have provided the public with a description of the truck, including a decal that may lead to helpful tips. Investigators have asked anyone with information to contact the Pennsylvania State Police immediately. 

A truck accident can place a financial burden on injured victims. Medical bills, loss of wages due to injury and lasting or permanent suffering are costly. In many cases, a compassionate attorney may be able to help. An attorney can help victims seek justice in a court of law, and in many cases, a victim is awarded monetary compensation to help cover monetary damages that result from a serious truck accident. In cases where a negligent driver flees the scene, law enforcement is typically successful in tracking down the culprit.

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