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October 31, 2019
in Blog, Car Accidents

Rush to save a life causes car accident

Pennsylvania drivers know that when a rescue vehicle such as a fire truck, police car or ambulance hits the lights and sirens, other drivers should pull off to the side of the road as quickly and safely as they can. When an ambulance is carrying a victim in need if emergency treatment, every second counts. Rescue workers do their best to reach the hospital as soon as possible, but a recent rescue attempt actually caused a car accident

Reports indicate that a Pennsylvania ambulance was rushing a victim suffering from unknown injury or illness to a local hospital. As the ambulance driver attempted to maneuver through traffic, other drivers began to pull to the side to allow the ambulance to pass. As the ambulance passed the cars ahead, the ambulance driver hit the bumper of a passenger car.

The passenger car was then pushed into another, causing a chain reaction crash that ended with damage to four vehicles besides the ambulance, which wound up in a bush. One of the cars struck a store that was under construction. Rescue workers report that seven people were taken to the hospital with injuries stemming from the crash, including a passenger and the original patient in the ambulance. 

When a Pennsylvania car accident leaves a victim injured and frightened, he or she may want to seek justice in a court of law. Medical bills, loss of wages due to inability to work, damage to a vehicle or other property, and lasting pain and suffering are all things that a victim may have to endure in the aftermath of such a crash. Victims may want to consider bringing an experienced attorney on board to help with the legal process necessary to collect any monetary award that the court may deem appropriate to help compensate for suffering caused by an at-fault driver.

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