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September 28, 2017
in Blog, Car Accidents

Traffic slowdown leads to multi-vehicle car accident, 1 injured

The Pennsylvania highways are heavily traveled thoroughfares that are the scenes of countless serious crashes. These wrecks take a terrible toll on families through both physical injuries and monetary damages. One recent car accident damaged several vehicles and caused one woman to suffer physical injuries.

The multi-vehicle wreck may have been precipitated by an incident that occurred several minutes earlier. A construction vehicle carrying a load of loose gravel traveling in the east side of the highway collided with a concrete barrier, which caused a portion of the load to spill into the west lanes of interstate 78. Less than 30 minutes after that incident, a traffic slowdown in the west lanes lead to a chain-reaction crash.

Officials stated that a driver in the west lanes did not take corrective measures to adjust his speed. He collided with a vehicle traveling ahead of him. That impact caused the second vehicle to rollover onto its side and crash into a third vehicle. That third car then collided with a fourth. The woman in the second vehicle was trapped in the wreckage and required the services of emergency responders to free her before she could be transported for care.

Pennsylvania police did not state whether the driver who caused the wreck will face any charges. However, the driver of the dump truck was cited for his actions. The injured woman may require an extended recovery time as she works to regain her physical health. Along with the physical pain, she may have sustained financial losses as well. Families in this position may elect to file a personal injury claim in order to seek compensation for the monetary damages that accrue in the days and weeks after a serious car accident.

Source:, “What police say happened in I-78 crash that backed up traffic“, Kurt Bresswein, Sept. 20, 2017

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