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October 6, 2015
in Blog, Drunk Driving Accidents

Child killed in drunk driving accident in Pennsylvania

A 6-year-old child has been struck and killed by an individual police believe may have been intoxicated at the time of the accident, according to reports. The tragic crash, which Pennsylvania police are calling a drunk driving accident, happened the night of Sept. 26 as the little girl was playing in a friend’s driveway. The 20-year-old man responsible for the crash is in custody. 

According to the accident report, the child was playing with her mother in an adjacent driveway when the crash occurred. The 20-year-old was witnessed driving into a mailbox and swerving across the lawn before striking the child and her mother. The mother sustained minor injuries but the 6-year-old was seriously injured and was rushed to a local hospital. She was pronounced dead later on. 

The driver was forced to stay at the scene by witnesses, who were described by police as “agitated.” The man admitted to drinking some 10 beers and smoking marijuana before getting behind the wheel. He now faces charges including vehicular homicide, drunk driving and several other charges related to the crash. A field sobriety test was not performed on the scene for the man’s own protection, as witnesses and the girl’s father were restrained by police. 

A tragedy of this sort of loss cannot be overstated. Pennsylvania parents will agree that the loss of a child, particularly in a drunk driving accident, is an unparalleled blow. Thankfully, it seems likely the man will face criminal consequences for his actions. In addition, the family is entitled to file a wrongful death lawsuit against him in civil court. Considering the abundance of evidence against him, it seems likely such a suit would succeed as well. 

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Source:, “6-Year-Old Hit and Killed by Alleged Drunk Driver While She Played in a Friend’s Driveway with Her Mother: Cops“, Tara Fowler, Sept. 28, 2015

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