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September 30, 2015
in Blog, Car Accidents

Teenager dead in tragic Pennsylvania car accident

Six students are in the hospital and one has tragically died after a single-car crash in Charlestown Township, according to local sources. The car accident, which happened on the afternoon of Sept. 27, is still being investigated by Pennsylvania police. So far, they have not charged the driver involved with a crime. 

Very little is known about the particulars of the accident at this time, but it has been confirmed that a 19-year-old Branford woman was declared dead at the scene of the single-car accident by arriving medical personnel. The crash happened on a stretch of the Pennsylvania Turnpike, so response was relatively rapid. The woman was apparently a sophomore at Penn State. 

The other six individuals in the car at the time, presumably including the driver, were also Penn State students. They were taken to local hospitals for treatment. As of this report, their conditions are unknown, but all of them are believed to have suffered injuries of varying severity. Authorities confirmed the group was returning from a charity function where they were working. 

Pennsylvania police will need to go over the record of the car accident to restructure the crash site and determine what happened. It is possible the driver of the vehicle might be found to be liable in the case of the crash, depending on factors like recklessness, negligence or alcohol intoxication. Should the driver be found to have contributed in a meaningful way to the crash, that individual could face criminal and civil charges. Specifically, the family of the deceased woman could file a wrongful death suit in her name, and the injured parties could all file personal injury suits as well. 

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Source:, “Branford teen killed in crash in Pennsylvania”, Matt Buynak, Sept. 28, 2015

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