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November 7, 2014
in Blog, Drunk Driving Accidents

Man injured in alleged Pennsylvania drunk driving accident

At a jury trial in Pennsylvania, a man stands accused of being the alleged drunk pick-up truck driver who was responsible for an accident that occurred in November 2012. He is facing several charges related to the drunk driving accident that resulted in severe personal injuries to a man in a wheelchair. The victim’s wife asserts that her husband is suffering constant pain and mental trauma as a result of the accident.

The accident report states that the victim was on his way home from his business in his motorized wheelchair when a vehicle smashed into him. He was ejected from the wheelchair and suffered a fractured pelvis and ribs. His wife, who found him in an unconscious condition on the road, testified that he now requires specialized care. She also states that their business had to be sold after the accident due to her husband’s debilitated condition.

The prosecutor alleges that the pickup truck driver failed to stop at the accident scene. Debris found at the scene enabled the police to identify and locate the driver who lived a short distance away. A blood alcohol content test that was done at the time of his arrest, about two hours after the accident, showed the level to be approximately four times the state’s legal limit.

Pennsylvania residents who have suffered severe personal injury in accidents caused by drunk drivers may be facing high medical expenses and long-term physical pain. In addition to the criminal charges that alleged drunk drivers often face, those who are involved in an accident while drunk may also face personal injury claims in civil court. A successful claim for injuries sustained in a drunk driving accident may lead to compensation to cover medical expenses and lost wages. If deemed appropriate by state laws, additional damages such as pain and suffering may also be awarded.

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