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May 6, 2019
in Blog, Motorcycle Accidents

Group tries to raise awareness about motorcycle accidents

May is Motorcycle Awareness Month across the Keystone State. Pennsylvania residents may have noticed advertisements for special events, like rides for large groups of riders or celebrations at local motorcycle dealerships.  While certainly, these events will be fun and are meant for communities all over the state to enjoy, one recurring theme to the month is the prevention of motorcycle accidents

A representative from one motorcycle group explained what dangers fellow drivers might be able to help reduce. Obviously, motorists are asked to use extra caution while driving, as it can often be difficult to spot a motorcycle among larger passenger vehicles. Other hazards may be a bit less obvious. 

For example, homeowners are asked not to blow grass clippings into the road after mowing. Doing so can make the roadway slippery, and can potentially cause motorcycle accidents. Making a turn in front of a motorcycle, specifically a left turn that results in a vehicle crossing in front of a motorcycle, is also potentially dangerous. He also told the public that despite the often rough and tough looking appearance that might make bikers look scary or unfriendly, the leather jackets, boots and other gear are actually for the safety of the motorcyclist, in case of a fall. 

Despite programs to raise awareness and care on the part of drivers, motorcycle accidents remain a grim reality. When someone in Pennsylvania becomes the victim of such a crash, medical bills, loss of wages, damage to personal property and other matters that may be in the offing. And physical injury may result in lasting pain and suffering. With so much on the line, retaining an experienced attorney before attempting to navigate the legal process is typically a wise decision. 

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