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May 2, 2019
in Blog, Truck Accidents

Can you cope with a truck accident casualty?

A Pennsylvania parent might have trouble explaining his or her career to a child. Families often exchange stories about each other’s days, and while parents can relate to stories told by children about a day at school, a child might have trouble imagining what a parent’s day at work looks like. Recently, one father decided to give his son an up close look at his chosen career. It ended in tragedy when the boy became the victim of a fatal truck accident

The ordeal began when the Pennsylvania father, a turnpike worker, allowed his 11-year-old son to accompany him to work. They were traveling in a pickup truck when suddenly, for reasons still unknown to investigators, the vehicle became involved in an accident with a large semitrailer. The smaller vehicle became stuck under the much larger one, and the damage was extensive. 

Soon, emergency calls came through requesting an airlift, as immediate medical help was needed at the scene. The accident is still under investigation. While the father survived, his son, tragically, was not as fortunate. His family, friends and school community were left in shock by his death. 

Losing a child in a truck accident can leave surviving family, especially parents, at a total loss for how to proceed. Dealing with grief is a monumental task, and when compounded with medical bills, funeral expenses and other matters, parents can quickly become overwhelmed. Often, there is legal recourse to claim damages by means of a wrongful death lawsuit, and a compassionate attorney can assist a family with the process necessary to pursue this option. 

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