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May 1, 2019
in Blog, Suv Accidents

SUV accidents a grim reality

Owning an SUV is a practical choice for many Pennsylvania drivers. These vehicles are great for transporting a group of people together, such as a family with children or carpooling co-workers. The downside is that there is potential for a higher number of casualties in the event of SUV accidents

Recently, a Pennsylvania woman was driving her SUV with three passengers in tow, two of whom were minor children. She crossed the center line and wound up in oncoming traffic. A driver headed the other way did his best to avoid collision, but was unable to do so. The result was catastrophic. 

All of the people in the SUV were killed, and the man driving the other vehicle was seriously injured. It took hours to render aid, and saving the man required saws, helicopters and a slew of emergency personnel. When help arrived, the responders said the accident looked so bad they feared no one could have survived. But thanks to the brave emergency workers, the man was able to be saved. He did, however, suffer very serious injuries. 

When Pennsylvania residents are injured in SUV accidents, the days and weeks that follow may feel chaotic for victims. The physical and emotional pain are compounded when a victim must face medical bills, a loss of wages due to an inability to work, and the other financial burdens that must be handled. If a victim wants to take legal recourse against the party that caused the accident, he or she may do well to contact an experienced attorney. An attorney can assist with these situations so that a victim may take time to overcome the injuries he or she suffered and prepare to face the road ahead. 

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