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September 12, 2016
in Blog, Products Liability

Samsung faces products liability claims after reported injuries

The Samsung Corporation has voluntarily recalled its 2.5 million Galaxy Note 7 phones sold in Pennsylvania and worldwide. It has already rushed replacement phones to many customers and offered a $25 gift card to customers in the United States who exchange their phones for other Samsung models. Nevertheless, the Consumer Product Safety Commission plans a federal recall of the Galaxy Note 7. The unprecedented recall springs from numerous reports of explosions and fires caused by the phones. Samsung may be bracing for a wave of products liability claims.

The media has recently reported incidents of Galaxy Note 7 phones exploding and catching fire. Homes and vehicles have burned causing extensive damage. Additionally, airlines around the world have announced a ban of the cell phones on all flights due to the danger of combustion. Devices with lithium-ion batteries have a history of exploding in mid-flight, and several planes have made emergency landings because of smoke or fire.

After initial reports of cell phone explosions burning houses and vehicles, the Samsung Corporation now faces claims that the Galaxy Note 7 has injured a child. Reportedly, a 6-year-old boy was watching videos on his device when it exploded in his hand. The boy was rushed to the hospital with burns on his body. Recently, Samsung along with the CPSC urged consumers in Pennsylvania and elsewhere to turn off their Galaxy Note 7 phones and stop using them.

Burns can be excruciating and may heal slowly. Additionally, they often leave scars that last a lifetime. The parents of this little boy have every right to contact an attorney to discuss a products liability claim. It is also likely that this will not be the last claim Samsung faces because of the defective Galaxy Note 7.

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Source:, “Samsung Galaxy Note 7 Reportedly Explodes in Boy’s Hands“, Don Reisinger, Sept. 12, 2016

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