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September 6, 2016
in Blog, Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents sometimes claim lives of community heroes

It is too common a story when one hears of a motorcyclist dying in an accident. Motorcycle accidents frequently mean life-changing or life-ending injuries, especially when the collision involves a larger vehicle. The family and friends of one beloved Pennsylvania man are feeling the shock of losing him in a recent hit and run crash.

A retired firefighter for New York City, the man was a first responder to the World Trade Center on September 11. Living a quieter life more recently, he was known for his protection of neighborhood children, his contributions to the community and his cherished motorcycle. He was riding that motorcycle one evening around 11:30 p.m. when a large SUV turned left into his path. The impact propelled the man nearly 30 feet. He was pronounced dead soon after arriving at the hospital.

The driver of the SUV did not stop, but security video shows the damaged vehicle stopping in a driveway. After a few minutes, the driver emerged and moved around the front of the car before getting back in and driving away. The same video shows police arriving at that driveway. Officers followed a trail of fluid to the abandoned vehicle and found both airbags deployed and vehicle damage matching debris at the scene. The license plate was missing, police speculate, to prevent investigators from tracking the driver.

Friends and family of this well-loved man urge the driver of the SUV to come forward. Meanwhile, they are most likely planning for the man’s funeral and helping each other cope with the tragedy. It is a scene played out too many times for people in Pennsylvania who lose loved ones in motorcycle accidents. When emotions begin to settle, the man’s family is likely to consult an attorney to discuss the best way to seek compensation for their pain and loss.

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Source:, “Motorcyclist killed in Feltonville hit-and-run ID’d“, Jeanette Reyes & Dann Cuellar, Sept. 1, 2016

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