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August 26, 2017
in Blog, Truck Accidents

Pennsylvania bus involved in semi-truck accident

Many Pennsylvania residents enjoy taking trips by bus, as it can alleviate much of the stress of driving long distances. In fact, the majority of these passengers likely never consider the possibility of becoming victims in a semi-truck accident. Unfortunately, these terrifying collisions can occur without any prior warning.

Earlier this month, a private bus was traveling along Interstate 78 in a county located approximately 67 miles north of the city of Philadelphia. According to the police reports, in the early morning hours, a tractor trailer that was traveling behind the bus somehow got close enough to collide with the bus’ rear bumper. The impact caused the vehicle to overturn on the highway.

The bus was carrying 26 passengers, and all of them were transported to local medical centers for care. Fortunately, the majority of the passengers only suffered mild to moderate injuries. Of the injured, only three were reported to have suffered serious injuries, none of which were described as life-threatening. There was no information regarding the condition of the bus driver or the destination of the passengers.

It is unknown whether the driver of the truck was hurt in the crash. The victims of this Pennsylvania semi-truck accident are likely shook up both physically and emotionally from this ordeal. The three victims who suffered serious injuries may endure several weeks of recovery time as they work to regain their health. As a result of their injuries, they may also sustain considerable monetary damages from both medical expenses and lost wages. The victims may choose to seek information concerning the feasibility of filing personal injury claims against the parties responsible for this accident.

Source:, “26 injured in Northampton County bus crash“, Aug. 20, 2017

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