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April 19, 2017
in Blog, Truck Accidents

Teen witnesses fatal truck accident that killed bus driver

So many Pennsylvania children and their parents depend on school bus drivers to safely transport those students who live too far away to walk to their schools. The majority of these twice-daily trips go off without a hitch. Unfortunately, one such seemingly ordinary route ended in tragedy after a fatal truck accident.

The accident occurred as a school bus driver was slowing the vehicle down in order to make her first stop of the day to pick up a high school student. The commercial coal truck that was traveling behind the bus apparently either failed to notice the reduction in speed or experienced a mechanical failure that prevented the truck from slowing down in time to avoid a collision. The truck then collided with the back end of the bus.

The force of the impact caused the school bus to rotate before plowing through a roadside barrier. The truck then continued its path and wound up smashing into a residential home. A teenage girl who was preparing to board as the route’s first rider was just moments from being involved in this deadly wreck. She expressed sorrow at the loss of her bus driver.

The truck driver was transported to a Pennsylvania medical center for treatment of the injuries he suffered. The family of the 54-year-old bus driver will now have to learn to adjust to life without their loved one. If they choose to do so, they may seek the guidance of a personal injury attorney in filing a wrongful death civil suit against the individuals who may be held accountable for this deadly truck accident. A successful litigation may enable the surviving family to relieve the financial burdens that often accompany these unexpected tragedies.

Source:, “School bus driver killed in crash with coal truck on Route 22”, Brittny McGraw, April 10, 2017

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