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October 23, 2013
in Blog, Wrongful Death

Fatal accident claims 5 lives in Pennsylvania

A tragic crash involving motorcycles and an SUV have left five people dead, according to local law enforcement. Pennsylvania police are still notifying next of kin, so the identities of the deceased victims have not been made public. As of this writing, no charges have been filed in association with this fatal accident, but the police investigation is still underway.

According to police records, two motorcycles traveling in tandem slammed head-on into an SUV coming the opposite way on the afternoon of Oct. 19. The details of the crash are sketchy, but it has been confirmed that four people riding the motorcycles were killed. The driver of the SUV also succumbed to injuries sustained in the crash.

Police have not speculated as to whether alcohol or high speed were contributing factors in this accident. Emergency workers described it as the worst crash in recent memory. Grief counselors were dispatched to the scene to help onlookers deal with the trauma, given the unusually high number of fatalities reported in the accident.

Too little is known about the specifics of this fatal accident at this juncture to be able to make an accurate assessment of how the Pennsylvania law enforcement investigation will pan out. However, state law demands that an answer be found, so the investigation will endeavor to determine the cause of the crash. Should one of the drivers be found responsible for setting off the crash, the families of the deceased victims will be in a position to file wrongful death lawsuits against that driver’s estate in a civil court setting.

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